We're always looking for talent!

We work exclusively with talented freelance developers who have a strong passion for their area of focus

 developer js & front end

You have (or are willing to develop) strong JS chops. You just love javascript, and you dislike coffeescript. You really like selectors. You're on top of the JS scene. You are either really into coffee or beer. Bacon is the basis of your dietary requirements.

  • node.js / js stacks
  • AngularJS
  • Boostrap

 developer groovy grails

You fell in love with Groovy and Grails, and now you must proclaim your love to the world. You forgot that other languages/frameworks exist, and you live in blissful communion with the one your love, GoG. RoR: you just don't get it.

 developer enterprise java

You love large enterprise-ready java distros. You love the big and "boring" stuff, in fact, the more "boring" others deem it, the more you like it. You work alone and there are thick open books from apress everywhere.

  • Business Process: jBPM, Activiti
  • Rules Engines (Drools)
  • Schedule & Resource Planning

 system architect

You are the opposite of a hacker: you dislike writing code. There are 1,000 sticky notes all over your monitors. Your notepad is a box of Kleenex.

  • Visual Paradigm
  • UML


You know all the Photoshop shortcuts. Your PC is a Mac. You experience user empathy.

  • Experience with trending design concepts
  • Strong disposition toward minimalism
  • Vector Graphics
  • Knowledge of CSS3/HTML5 & popular frameworks

 qa / tester

You don't trust anything. You love checklists.

  • Unit Testing
  • TDD / BDD
  • Selenium

 editor & copywriter

Must have OCD for words and punctuation. You can write very persuasively. You have a half-completed psychology degree. You truly believe connecting buyers with sellers is NOT evil.


Must have fast tongue, a swift pen, and great social skills.